April 26, 2013

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C
1998 AMT/ERTL #8001 (scale: 1/1400)


I built the Star Trek model for the first time about 20 years ago. This is my second work in 1999.

My wife visited many model kits shops in San Francisco, discovered the kit at last, and presented to me. It is also the first time that I challenged full painting without an airbrush. So, the Enterprise-C is a souvenir very unforgettable for me.

The original studio model of Enterprise-C was manufactured by Gregory B. Jein. He also said that it is one of the unforgettable work. Although his original model was violently damaged by the attack of Romulan, AMT/ERTL gave the beautiful form to the model kit. At the fine mold, I think that it is the best one in the series.

Moreover, since the model kit includes clear parts for the warp nacelles and the deflector, it is suitable for light emitting. If you use the High Brightness LED and hole many windows, I think that it will become quite beautiful.