April 19, 2013

3 Piece U.S.S. Enterprise Set
1998 AMT/ERTL #6618 (scale: 1/2500)


AMT/ERTL has released some 3-piece sets of the Enterprises. I bought two of them. One is this 3 Piece U.S.S. Enterprise Set (1701/1701-A/D Set), and the other is SnapFast U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-B, C and E Set.

Since these are the same 1/2500-scale, I understood the difference in the size of six kinds of the Enterprise well.

However, this set is very lazy in molding. 1701 and 1701-A are very small miniatures (overall length is about 12 cm each), and did not replicate the original studio model well.

Surprisingly 1701-D omitted all windows and lifeboats. So, I made the decals using the transfer seal (P/N 51112 of A-ONE) for ink-jet printers. In addition, these decals were based on EPS files created by Clark Bradshaw. His work deserves praise.