February 6, 2013

SnapFast U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-B, C and E Set
1998 AMT/ERTL #8002 (scale: 1/2500)

AMT/ERTL has released some 3-piece sets of the Enterprises. I bought two of them. One is this SnapFast U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-B, C and E Set, and the other is 3 Piece U.S.S. Enterprise Set (1701/1701-A/D Set).

1998 AMT/ERTL #8002  (scale: 1/2500)Since these are the same 1/2500-scale, I understood the difference in the size of six kinds of the Enterprise well.

However, 1701/1701-A/D Set is very lazy in molding. 1701 and 1701-A are very small miniatures, and did not replicate the original studio model well. In addition 1701-D omitted all windows and lifeboats.

Compared with it, molding of 1701-B/C/E Set is excellent. Although the set omitted some details against 1/1400-scale model kits, overall, it replicates the original studio models well.

1701-B hull is slender and tends to change the form. Especially the support of the warp nacelle is weak. This point is regrettable because 1701-B is the beautiful ship based on the ark.

The molding of 1701-C is wonderful and is nearly equal to the 1/1400-scale model. However, it omitted some parts such as the phaser bank in the support of the warp nacelle.

1701-E contains the decal of the escape pods. This is creating a grotesque atmosphere of 1701-E well. Since the molding is good, I enjoyed the painting, without being afflicted by the work of masking and parts adjustment, etc.